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Our property inventory services company was started to provide landlords, tenants and agents with someone they can turn to for an honest, impartial assessment of their property to help every tenancy go smoothly.

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Streamlined Property Inventory Services That Will Save You Time & Money

Trust Inventory was founded in 2014 to provide landlords, tenants and agents with an organisation they can turn to for a team of professional inventory clerks that can take on an unlimited number of inspections, so they will never experience the feeling of being let down. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the sector and understand the challenges faced by lettings agents and landlords.

Our inventory company will provide you with a Local Inventory Clerk that is trained to the highest standard and know the area well, ensuring he or she will understand your needs. Currently, we cover the rental inventory market in the South West and Greater London, continuing to expand every year, growing organically.

Inventory Clerk Mission

We want to assist as many letting agents and landlords as possible, in times where costs and resources are getting more and more competitive each and every day.

You will be surprised how accessible it is to have super-fast inventory reports in our digital format.

Independent inventory clerk 

By harnessing the latest technology available, we aim to give you the best experience and help you stay in control, whilst your rental property is fully protected by the best inventory service company.

Our Team of Inventory Experts

As APIP and AIIC members, we have a growing list of satisfied clients who benefit from our fast, professional property inventory management services. 

Cornelia’s passion for the property market means she has been involved in major retail development projects, as well as a range of successful businesses. 

Cornelia Tiplea


Sebastian has experience in sales and marketing, with a wealth of knowledge in harnessing technology and the internet for business development.

Sebastian Tiplea


Having worked in the property industry for a number of years. This experience gained helps in the understanding of clients needs within this fast paced industry.

Karl Tossoun

Sales director and training

Jack has property upkeep experience in social housing estates, a professional with a keen eye and attention for detail, he knows all the ins and outs of cleaning and maintenance specifics.

Jack Graham


Chaeli has been working as an Inventory Clerk for in London dealing with reputable agents such as Foxtons and Kinleigh, Folkard and Hayward. Now she lives in Bristol where is also a fitness trainer in her spare time.

Chaeli Coverdale


With a drive for excellence, Ellie has been working 10 years in the Lettings/Admin sector in the Yeovil area and has a hard-working attitude, she is a highly professional inventory specialist.

Elouisa Warren


Vasim has been managing their family property business established 7 years ago, from all aspects of strategic planning and decision making to customer service and supplier management. 

Vasim Makan


Dragos is the youngest member of the team, he is passionate about science and technology, an engineer in formation, he is covering all our customers in the Exeter area.

Dragos Turdeanu


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