Chelsea property inventory services

Chelsea Property Inventory Services

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Trust Inventory is now available in Chelsea, London!

Take advantage of the best Property Inventory Company that will help you save time and money with every report.

Our independent inventory clerks are trained to help landlords and letting agents with super-fast 3 Hours Turnaround On All Inventory Reports, including Schedule of Condition, Inventory Check-In, Routine Visits and Check-Out Inventory, Student Let Inventory and Commercial Properties Inventory.

Now available for any home inspection and inventory all across the Chelsea area with a dedicated team with local knowledge to accommodate any request in the area.

We have a convenient pricing reduction for combined same-day Inventory with Check-in, that means we not only compile the inventory report with meters and photographs, we will also carry out the check-in procedures with the new tenants.

At the check-in we will hand you over the keys, record signatures and briefly go through the inventory report with the tenants, highlighting major issues, if any. 

Once this is complete the tenant will automatically receive a copy of the inventory report and will have 7 days to thoroughly check everything, type in comments and/or upload additional photographs. 

After 7 days the report gets locked and no further changes can be made.

Our inventory reports are simple to use and intuitive. The best part is that it can be emailed to tenants and they can add their own comments online. The comments are still there when you do the move-out – couldn’t be easier 🙂



Do you want to know how we can save you time and money?

1. All reports delivered in less than 3 hours.

2. Digital reports – all reports are delivered instantly, no print is required, tenants can type in their comments and sign online.

3. Full service – We can collect keys for the properties and send automatically copies of the reports directly to the tenants, landlords and agents, so you don’t have to do anything at all.

Some tenants can ruin your home, but with a good inventory service provider, you can minimise the damage and ensure everything is in place to be compensated if the property may have been deteriorated or returned to you with any issues such as cleaning, damage or dilapidations. 

Check our inventory services pricing here

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