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We provide property inventory services to all areas of the South West of England and London, get in touch with our Head Office and we will allocate the nearest inventory clerk to help you with your inventory request.


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We thrive to accommodate all requests, advanced booking is advisable but not a requirement. To obtain an accurate quote, please let us know if the property is furnished, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and receptions.

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Common Questions

Book an inventory or check-in?

The inventory and the check-ins are two completely separate documents and events.  You need to book an inventory if you only need the Schedule of Conditions of the property, the detailed notes of the condition and contents of a property before it is rented out.

The Check-in, also known as “Start of Tenancy Inspection” is when we take the Schedule of Condition and together with your ingoing tenant(s) we go through the whole report, room by room, checking all doors, ceiling, flooring, walls, windows, fixtures and appliances.

At this stage, the tenants will type in the report their comments and new photographs will be uploaded to support their observations. Once we go through the inventory list, we hand them over the keys, and most importantly, at the end of the process, they will sign the inspection acknowledging the conditions, all parties receive automatically a copy of the signed document. Case closed!

The check-in is not compulsory, but it gives added security should it go to any dispute over the tenancy deposit when the tenants move out.


Why do I need a property inventory?

The inventory report states the items and their conditions at the beginning of the tenancy.

An inventory should be given to your tenant at the start of the tenancy period to reduce the risk of damage. It lists the items and visual condition of the property and is used to do a final inspection to check out a tenant. A clear and thorough inventory helps to prevent disputes regarding damage and cleaning and ensures a tenancy ends smoothly, allowing you to instal a new tenant without delay.

Trust Inventory is completely independent and we can carry out all your property checks, saving you time and unnecessary delays or disputes at the end of a tenancy.

Do I have to call you and pick up reports from your office?

At Trust Inventory we do all the work regarding your property checks, leaving you to focus on your business. Once a report is ready, you will be notified by email. Choose to print the reports or view them via your computer or mobile device, whether you are in the office or on the go.

All your inspections are archived in the cloud, offering instant access to any report on any property, wherever you are.

What type of inventories we provide?

Trust Inventory provides accurate and detailed property inventories for lettings agents, estate agents, private landlords and relocation or property management companies.

The inventory types include Schedule of Conditions, Tenant Check-in, Mid-Term (Routine) Inspections and Tenancy End Check-Out. Also, we have a specialised team of experts in Student House Inventories and Commercial Property Inventories.

Occasionally we have been requested to represent tenants at the Check-In with their letting agent, separation/pre-divorce Schedule of Conditions, Items Acknowledgement as well as Works Reception proof reports.

All our property inventory reports meet ARLA, APIP and AIIC recommended guidelines, giving you added peace of mind that you are protected.

Why should I choose you?

We create lightning-fast reports that save you time and allow you to reduce time on managing your letting property portfolio.

Most of our clients have reported savings in excess of £200 each month on every branch due to our integrated inventory reporting.
If you are a Letting Agent and would like to save money and increase efficiency please get in touch to benefit of:
– super-fast 2-3 hours same day delivery, no delays in the tenancy cycle
– online bookings, no need to make calls, wait for confirmation/approval
– no need to print reports, tenants can type in their comments and sign online, no need to chase tenants for signed copy
– no need for advanced booking, we can always handle any number of requests  
– we take around 20-25 images for each room, the check-in comes signed by the tenant on site, giving you a bullet proof document, should it go to a dispute, so you protect your clients investment 100%. 
– in our check-out we will highlight any changes from the previous condition, also give a quick summary of responsibilities at the end, so you can take quick and informed decision re-deposit charges.

We’ll generate a nicely paged PDF for you that contain all comments, photos and signatures, and we’ll store it forever via our secure file vault so you don’t need to worry about losing evidence ever again.

We take around 10 images for each item, the check-in comes signed by the tenant, giving you a bulletproof document, should it go to a dispute, so you protect your client’s investment 100%.

In our check-out we will highlight any changes from the previous condition, also give a quick summary of responsibilities at the end, so you can take quick and informed decision re-deposit charges.

Property Inventories

Certified Inventory Services

We provide super-fast property inventory reports that cover the whole tenancy cycle: Schedule of Condition, Inventory Check-In, Routine Visits and Check-Out. We also provide the opportunity to save on your day to day costs, most of our clients save £200+ every month, as no printing, mailing, calling, delivering, storing is required.

Why us

- All-inclusive inventories
- Save £200+/month on cost
- No need to print/mail/archive
- Increase your efficiency
- 2-hour turnaround
- Unlimited bookings
- Online booking available
- Fitness for Human Habitation


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