How to use our Inventory reports

Our professional inventory reports are designed to safe you time and money by allowing you to achive every paractical and legal requiremnt without having to print out documents.


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Inventory for a rental property

With all-inclusive property inventory services, the Trust Inventory team working in partnership with our software provider have created a non-print required procedure to allow Tenants and Agents or Landlords to receive the report in their inbox, easily share it with tenants, type in comments, upload photographs as evidence and sign the inventory report on their phone, tablet or computer.

Everything is kept in one single document, there is no need to save photographs on CDs, sticks or emails going back and forth, our online version of the inventory report will have everything in one place.

PDF versions can be saved at any time, however, tenants will be given 7 days to check and/or type in their comments, we recommend saving a PDF-only after the 7 days to have the most complete file.
We have created several guiding pages to help Tenants, Agents and Landlords with the following tasks:

We have created several guiding pages to help Tenants, Agents and Landlords with the following tasks:

3 type of property inventory services

Inventory Reports With Clear Photos And Evidence

Checkin Inventory Delivered With Tenant Signature

Mid-Term Routine Inspections For Peace Of Mind

Unbiased End Of Tenancy Checkout Inventory Check

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Certified And Approved Inventories

The inventory reports created by Trust inventory clerks are AIIC approved and certified.

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme recommend using independent inventory clerks that will take several relevant photographs not only general room images, but we also take several photographs clearly showing where the issues are.


Property Inventory Services Company

Our Inventory company offers complete property inspection services, including New Inventory Make, Check-In Inventory Routine Inspections and Check-Out Inventory, Student Let and Commercial Properties.

All new inventories come with a brief Property Description and continue with listing the location and reading of Utility Meters, Location of the Stopcock, Appliance Manuals, External Areas and All Rooms, Kitchen and Bathrooms.

We take around 10 images for each room, that’s every door, ceiling, floor, walls, windows and furniture, giving you a bulletproof document, should it go to a dispute.