How To Book A Property Inventory Online

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How To Book A Property Inventory Online

Technology has come a long way, however it is still required for a human person to physically visit a property in order to compile a property inventory listing the condition of the rooms and contents before the start of a tenancy cycle.

The good news though is that you can save a lot of time and hassle by booking the inventory clerk online, without making any calls or ever leaving your house. At Trust Inventory we cover a large area of the South West as well as all of London and surroundings, with our team growing every day so chances are we already have an inventory inspector ready to help in your local area.

Our booking system is not completely automated, there is still a human operator behind the scenes that will check the area and approve the requested appointments. Here are the 3 simple steps.

1. Click the Book An Inventory button in order to be taken to the calendar where you can choose your date and time for the scheduled inventory inspection. Don’t worry if you are not sure about the date yet, we can always amend the date.

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On the next page, you will have to give us your full details for billing purposes (Name, Address and Phone) the property full address and a brief description of the size of the property (Number of Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Lounges). We can collect keys from you or your Letting Agent, but if you prefer to meet our home inspector at the property that’s equally fine.

How to book a property inventory online

2. Our operator will check if we cover the area and send you a confirmation email so you know everything is sorted. You don’t have to worry about availability, we have several inventory clerks working for us, as well as a floating member of staff, so we get you covered either way.

3. On the scheduled date our inventory clerk will visit the property and complete the report, once he leaves the property you will be sent the inventory report directly into your inbox. If you give us the other party’s details, like Agent, Landlord or Tenant(s) we can set everything up on our end so that everybody gets a copy instantly, so you have nothing else to do. Tenants will be able to comment by typing into the report and sign online, this means there is only one version of the document and everybody has access to the same document.

Property inventory service company email notification

It’s as easy as that. Remember Anytime, Anywhere, Any Property. No admin work for you, it’s all on us.

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