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What is an Interim Inventory Report

An interim property report is conducted partway through the tenancy, which helps the landlord understand the currents condition of the property.
It should seek to highlight any maintenance issues and or forecast any potential issues such as unauthorised occupation, pets and smoking as well as any known anti-social behaviour

Why Have Interim Inventory Reports

Interim Reports, also known as Routine Inspections are important and recommended after a new tenant has been installed into a property. At Trust Inventory we can do regular checks, monthly, every 3 months, 6 months or yearly.

Who is it for

The Interim Inspections for rental property is beneficial for both Landlord and Tenant, to make sure everything is going smoothly, that the Tenant has settled in and all the conditions are as expected. On the other hand, it is beneficial for the Landlord to avoid situations where things could go wrong.

Protect Your Investment

Our detailed inventory reports can help ensure the other party doesn’t take a dispute to the arbitrator because our evidence is conclusive, or if they do, our evidence is of the right quality to support your case.

Routine inspections are carried out to ensure the property is being well cared for and that there are no maintenance or health and safety issues. It’s also the perfect opportunity to spot any problems with the property and to ensure tenants are keeping their end of the tenancy agreement.

What You Need to Know About Routine Home Inspections

The property should be generally clean and tidy for a routine inspection. The tenant should inform the property manager/owner of any maintenance issues as soon as they occur. Most property managers usually request any non-urgent maintenance requests in writing.

Our inventory clerks will take general photos inside the property and additional, detailed images to highlight an issue that needs to be addressed. The purpose of the mid-term visit is to make sure everything is in accordance with the tenancy agreement, that there is no evidence of Sub-Letting, unauthorised pets or any misconduct.

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Inventory Reports

When Do I Need A Routine Inspection?

Before Letting Out

Start Of Tenancy

During the Tenancy

End of Tenancy




Interim Inventory Reports For Rental Property

We provide comprehensive detailed notes and a photographic report listing the content and its condition within a property. All inspections provide meter readings and test results for smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. The inventory will also detail keys, appliance user manuals and a short property summary overview.


You don’t need to book in advance, we can always allocate an inventory clerk to cover your property inventory request.


We will send you all our lightning fast inventory reports with 2-3 hours from the time we enter the property. All inspections are delivered instantly to all parties involved, directly into their email box.


Soon as the inspection is completed you will receive a notification, from there you can print hard copies, send pdf through email and sign the report, all from your desk or mobile device.


Agent, Landlord and/or Tenants can sign, share and comment on reports, as well as upload new photographs right in the browser for effective and evidenced dispute resolution. Everything in one document, no need to store files, photos, multiple version of the same document.


You will not have to print, manipulate, mail, sign, chaise, file returned check-in, store documents and photographs. On average, our clients save +£200 every month by using our services.

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We have a constantly growing team of professional independent and impartial inventory clerks that will create an accurate record of the condition of the properties and their contents. We aim to offer our home inventory services to a larger area and will continue to maintain an organic and sustainable growth.


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Trust Inventories are trustworthy and reliable inventory company. The layout of the inventories providing both photographs and text makes understanding the reports quick and easy. Their team is very responsive and prompt in execution.

Caroline Craig-Cordel Andrews Lettings

“Looking for an inventory clerk as a tenant was quite new for me, but the service offered by Trust Inventory made the whole process hassle-free. The report provided was very detailed. Both I and my landlord are happy with the timely, high-quality service. 

Radhika Gudipati

Private Tenant

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