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What is an Inventory  Check-in

This report is in addition to the inventory providing an up to date record pf the meter details, keys, documentation handed over at the point of check-in usually with the tenant(s) present.

Why should you book an Inventory  Check-in

No matter how well a tenant looks after the property, it will not be in the same condition at the end of the tenancy as it was at its start. Wear and tear to carpets, walls, flooring, and other fixtures and fittings will occur. Even well looked after contents will deteriorate with time and use. It is extremely important to have a very detailed inventory report at the start of the tenancy, with evidence for both sides.

How We Do It

At Trust Inventory we always conduct the Check-In Inspection in person with the Tenant at the Property. We take the tenant through the inventory, check together every door, every ceiling, every floor, every wall… apply changes and take tenant’s comments on the site, in the separate distinct column dedicated to the tenant.


As we complete the Check-in Inspection, the tenant will sign the report in our app, then it will be closed and all parties involved will be automatically notified by email, the report will be ready to be printed and filed. No need to wait for days to get the tenant’s comments.

About the inventory check-in report

The inventory and the check-ins are two completely separate documents and events. You need to book an inventory if you only need the Schedule of Conditions of the property, the detailed notes of the condition and contents of a property before it is rented out.

The Check-in, also known as “Start of Tenancy Inspection” is when we take the Schedule of Condition and together with your ingoing tenant(s) we go through the whole report, room by room, checking all doors, ceiling, flooring, walls, windows, fixtures and appliances.

At this stage, the tenants will type in the report their comments and new photographs will be uploaded to support their observations. Once we go through the inventory list, we hand them over the keys, and most importantly, at the end of the process, they will sign the inspection acknowledging the conditions, all parties receive automatically a copy of the signed document. Case closed!

The check-in is not compulsory, but it gives added security should it go to any dispute over the tenancy deposit when the tenants move out.

New Inventory

Starting from £70

Inventory Check-In

Starting from £60

Routine Inspections

Flat fee £40

Inventory Check-Out

Starting from £60

Inventory Check-in

When Do I Need An Inventory Check-in?

Before Letting Out

Start Of Tenancy

During the Tenancy

End of Tenancy




Inventory List for Rental Property

We provide comprehensive detailed notes and photographic reports listing the content and its condition within a property. All inspections provide meter readings and test results for smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. The inventory will also detail keys, appliance user manuals and a short property summary overview.


You don’t need to book in advance, we can always allocate an inventory clerk to cover your property inventory request.


We will send you all our lightning fast inventory reports with 2-3 hours from the time we enter the property. All inspections are delivered instantly to all parties involved, directly into their email box.


Soon as the inspection is completed you will receive a notification, from there you can print hard copies, send pdf through email and sign the report, all from your desk or mobile device.


Agent, Landlord and/or Tenants can sign, share and comment on reports, as well as upload new photographs right in the browser for effective and evidenced dispute resolution. Everything in one document, no need to store files, photos, multiple version of the same document.


You will not have to print, manipulate, mail, sign, chaise, file returned check-in, store documents and photographs. On average, our clients save +£200 every month by using our services.

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We have a constantly growing team of professional independent and impartial inventory clerks that will create an accurate record of the condition of the properties and their contents. We aim to offer our home inventory services to a larger area and will continue to maintain an organic and sustainable growth.


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Trust Inventories are trustworthy and reliable inventory company. The layout of the inventories providing both photographs and text makes understanding the reports quick and easy. Their team is very responsive and prompt in execution.

Caroline Craig-Cordel Andrews Lettings

“Looking for an inventory clerk as a tenant was quite new for me, but the service offered by Trust Inventory made the whole process hassle-free. The report provided was very detailed. Both I and my landlord are happy with the timely, high-quality service. 

Radhika Gudipati

Private Tenant

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