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What Is Important With Property Inventories for Landlords

At Trust Inventory we offer all type of inspections: the initial inventory, the check-in, the interim and the final check-out. The Check-in inspection is not compulsory, but this will give you a solid document approved and signed by the tenant, acknowledging the conditions. This will give you as Landlord a solid document you can use should this go to a dispute. Every report includes a short summary of the conditions, the meters reading, the external areas, front and rear, then each room in the property will be described starting from the doors, ceilings, floors, walls, windows, appliances, fixtures and furniture. 

How We Do It

Our inventory clerks will create the initial inventory, delivered to you, the Landlord. At the Check-in we take this initial inventory and with the tenant, we go together through all the items and the conditions, the tenant can make comments and amendments but at the end of this inspection, the tenant will sign the report. As a usual practice, Landlords pay for the initial inventory and check-in, then the Tenant will pay for the check-out. We are well staffed, booking in advance is not a requirement, we are available 24/7, you’ll only have to call one service provider, Trust Inventory.

Protect Your Investment

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme recommend using independent inventory clerks that will take several relevant photographs not only general room images, clearly showing where the issue is. The images in our reports will show details about any problem, we take 6-10 images for each room. At the Check-in we take the tenant’s comments typed in a separate distinct column dedicated to the tenant. This way it cannot be misunderstood and it is witnessed by our clerks. 

When the property is ready to be inspected, clean and with all decoration/maintenance work completed, our clerks will need access to the rooms, garden and garage. The inspection for a 2-3 bedroomed property usually takes 3 hours to complete, it will be done on site, leaving no room for mistakes, soon as our clerk leaves the property you will receive the report in your email ready to be filed. This way you will be notified in due time of any potential maintenance issue before the tenant moves in.

What can be deducted from the Tenant’s deposit with a Landlord inventory?

A landlord can make deductions for things that cost them money. It is reasonable for a landlord to take money off the tenant’s deposit to cover damage to the property or furniture, missing items that were listed on the inventory, paying for cleaning because the property was left in a dirty condition, or outstanding rent owed by the tenant.

A landlord should not deduct money from the deposit to cover damage that could be regarded as fair wear and tear. Wear and tear happen when furniture and contents deteriorate as a result of normal use, for example, carpet becoming worn. Generally, wear and tear take place over a long period of time through normal use.

Anything which needs to be repaired or replaced should be on a ‘like for like’ basis, so a second-hand desk shouldn’t be replaced with a brand new one.

At the end of the tenancy, the tenant(s) have to return the property in the same condition that it was originally let, “allowing for fair wear and tear “.

New Inventory

Starting from £70

Inventory Check-In

Starting from £60

Routine Inspections

Flat fee £40

Inventory Check-Out

Starting from £60

Inventory For Landlords

When Do I Need An Inventory?

Before Letting Out

Start Of Tenancy

During the Tenancy

End of Tenancy




Inventory List for Rental Property

We provide comprehensive detailed notes and photographic reports listing the content and its condition within a property. All inspections provide meter readings and test results for smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. The inventory will also detail keys, appliance user manuals and a short property summary overview.


You don’t need to book in advance, we can always allocate an inventory clerk to cover your property inventory request.


We will send you all our lightning fast inventory reports with 2-3 hours from the time we enter the property. All inspections are delivered instantly to all parties involved, directly into their email box.


Soon as the inspection is completed you will receive a notification, from there you can print hard copies, send pdf through email and sign the report, all from your desk or mobile device.


Agent, Landlord and/or Tenants can sign, share and comment on reports, as well as upload new photographs right in the browser for effective and evidenced dispute resolution. Everything in one document, no need to store files, photos, multiple version of the same document.


You will not have to print, manipulate, mail, sign, chaise, file returned check-in, store documents and photographs. On average, our clients save +£200 every month by using our services.

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