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Have you been let down by your current property inventory provider? Is she/he providing services to a limited area, for a certain number of properties? With us, you will never be turned off, no matter what property, no matter where, no matter how many! We have multiple employees and a prompt business approach.

How You Save Money

Our super-fast rental inventories bring a positive impact to a Letting Agent’s business, our clients have reported saving £200+ every month/branch and have increased their productivity by 20% since using our services. The best part is that while we take care of the inventories it means your team can do the things you know best and be more efficient.

Capture digital signatures either at the property or once the report is delivered. Share interactive online reports so landlords and tenants can add comments and sign right in the browser for effective and evidenced dispute resolution. We’ll generate a nicely paged PDF for you that contain all comments, photos and signatures, and we’ll store it forever via our secure file vault so you don’t need to worry about losing evidence ever again. Finally – a truly paperless inventory or inspection process, end to end.

What Is Important For Inventory Services Companies

It’s important to have a good Inventory Schedule of Conditions or Check-in to start with. At Trust Inventory our inventory clerks will use the latest technology to record the conditions of the property, we take several photographs and you will get the report sent straight to your inbox as soon as we step out of the property usually within 2-3 hours depending on the size of the property. We compile a detailed description of the contents of a property, including all doors, ceilings, floors, walls, fixtures and appliances, windows, furniture and any accessories.

Protect The Property With Our Inventory Services For Letting Agents

Our detailed inventory reports can help ensure the other party doesn’t take a dispute to the arbitrator because our evidence is conclusive, or if they do, our evidence is of the right quality to support your case. Our professional property inventory reports function within an integrated system, an all-inclusive inventory service, bringing you reports with detailed descriptions, photos, meter readings, tenant comments and signature, a single document easily managed and archived for the end of tenancy and until the Check-Out has to be conducted.

New Inventory

Starting from £70

Inventory Check-In

Starting from £60

Routine Inspections

Flat fee £40

Inventory Check-Out

Starting from £60

As a letting agent, we find that we need accurate documentation of the condition of a property at the start and finish of any letting contract. Therefore, it is vital that we have a good working relationship with our Inventory providers.

During 2015 we were introduced to the services of Trust Inventories and I can honestly say that the service and documents that they provide for us, the landlord and the tenant are first class. Clearly written with lots of photographs to support the written word. Trust Inventories are very reliable and professional at all times and I would not hesitate in recommending Sebastian and his team.

Julie Robbins

Property Manager, Andrews Letting and Management Downend

Letting Agents Inventory Services

When Do I Need An Inventory?

Before Letting Out

Start Of Tenancy

During the Tenancy

End of Tenancy




Inventory List for Rental Property

We provide comprehensive detailed notes and photographic reports listing the content and its condition within a property. All inspections provide meter readings and test results for smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. The inventory will also detail keys, appliance user manuals and a short property summary overview.


You don’t need to book in advance, we can always allocate an inventory clerk to cover your property inventory request.


We will send you all our lightning fast inventory reports with 2-3 hours from the time we enter the property. All inspections are delivered instantly to all parties involved, directly into their email box.


Soon as the inspection is completed you will receive a notification, from there you can print hard copies, send pdf through email and sign the report, all from your desk or mobile device.


Agent, Landlord and/or Tenants can sign, share and comment on reports, as well as upload new photographs right in the browser for effective and evidenced dispute resolution. Everything in one document, no need to store files, photos, multiple version of the same document.


You will not have to print, manipulate, mail, sign, chaise, file returned check-in, store documents and photographs. On average, our clients save +£200 every month by using our services.

I’m Sebastian. I will be your first contact point, I look forward to hearing from you soon.