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Here is one of our customer’s testimonial in regards to our property inventory services:

We’ve been using Trust Inventory for about 2 years I think and the reason why we chose Trust inventory is that we were looking for a new inventory clerk. We used to do our inventories ourselves but it took up a lot of time, we would need to do dictations then type them out and also take the photos ourselves, so with the time aspect, we are a small agency, we found it difficult to fit in the daily schedule.

We did have an inventory clerk before but unfortunately, they no longer carry on doing the inventories, so we went looking and found Trust inventories online, they were one of the first companies we contacted, they got back to us very quickly, they had a great pricing structure and we decided to give them a go. The first inventory we gave them they came and collected the keys and they had it back to us within an hour and it was just fantastic service and we haven’t looked back since.

Hi, I’m Anthony from Ivy House Lettings, we are a small letting agent based in Somerset and we are independent which only deals with letting and management, we’ve been going for about a decade now.

The benefits of using Trust Inventory

The benefits of using Trust Inventory are the speed and the cost, the guys there they are really really good at getting the inventories back to us as soon as possible, even when you got like a short time frame to work with because they got a number of clerks they can actually get to us really quickly and get in the properties and they always find a way to get the job done as soon as possible.

Trust inventory client Testimonial

I think the bits that made me happiest about the service is the speed of the service and how quickly they can turn around the properties. One of the other main benefits of Trust Inventory is that they now offer the paperless service, so rather then have to print 50 or 60 page document for the tenant to sign and then getting it signed by ourselves or the landlord, we actually do all electronically, and it all part of the service they offer, so the inventory comes through to us and goes directly off to the tenants as well, so we can sign on behalf of the landlord or the landlord can sign it as well, which makes the service much smoother.

The pdf documents are actually very interactive as well, so once you scrolling through and going back through the document you saved, you can actually click on an image and it will blow up to a full resolution image, which was always something that was a problem with the previous clerk that we had prior to Trust Inventory.

We provide all type of property inventories for letting agents and private landlords, new inventory make, check-in, mid-term and check-outs.

3 hours delivery on all our reports, super-fast whilst still comprehensive, accurate and consistent inventories to protect the property owner and the tenant’s deposit.

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