What is included in a residential inventory report

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What is included in a residential inventory report

The reports start with a clean page showing the inspection date, property address, client and inventory clerk that conducted the inspection. On the second page, there is an interactive Content summary, you can click on any of the rooms to quickly jump to that room. From there you can make your selection again by going back to the top left button.

inventory report meters

Next, you will be presented with a general overview of the conditions, the meter readings taken at the time of the inspection, all photographs are time stamped showing the date and time it was recorded.

We created a short video to show you the content of our reports and how to use the sharing, comments and signature tools

Continuing in the inventory report will be the external areas and then every room separately, with a written description and several photographs highlighting any damage or other issues. All images are clickable so that you can have a more detailed and clearer view.

As a bonus, due to this being now a legal requirement for Landlords to supply, we include a Fitness for Human Habitation report that will show the property is fitted with windows or a ventilation system, heaters and other details.

Property inventory reports signed online

The biggest advantage of our services, apart of the super-fast 3 hour turnaround, is that the reports are not required to be printed, once you receive the inspection, just click on the top right corner Share button to send it to the Landlord and Tenants, then they just need to click on the Sign button and can sign on to any device connected to the internet.

Tenants can also type in their comments directly into the report which will stay open for them for a few days. Just go to the relevant room and item, then on the far right column entitled Tenant Comments, click in the box and start typing and add new photos associated with the comments.

Property inventory Tenant signature

Residential inventory services to save you every month

With this system a letting agent can save around £200 every month, as there is no need for the old fashioned methods of printing, archiving and posting by mail to tenants and landlords, waiting for a tenant’s handwritten response, photos and then having to archive everything again…. We do it effortlessly for you all in one document.

I would highly recommend Trust Inventory. My tenants informed me on Friday afternoon that they needed to move in on Monday. After ringing 3 different inventory companies and getting told they would need at least one weeks notice, I called Trust Inventory and spoke to Sebastian and the following day (Saturday) I met him at the property. I then had a highly detailed, professional report with clear pictures emailed to me an hour after the inspection had finished. Sebastian is a lovely person and great at his job and I look forward to using Trust Inventory in the future for all my rental properties.

– Greg Turner

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