The difference between Inventory and Inventory with Check in

What is the difference between Inventory and Inventory with Check in, what to choose

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In order to answer this question, we’ll first need to understand what a property inventory is. 

An inventory make is a thoroughly compiled document, detailing each room within the property, its contents and their condition, it is also supported by photographs. The inventory takes place before a tenant moves in so the condition of the property is noted to be used at a later stage once the tenant moves out. The report is crucial for identifying the damages to the property whether the tenant caused them or proof that they were there before the tenant moved in so the tenant isn’t wrongfully accused.

Inventory & Schedule of Condition
Inventory & Schedule of Condition

Preparation is the key to a trouble free let. When you decide to prepare an inventory report you are carrying out management processes so that nothing is left to chance or forgotten and you are building up a set of documentary evidence in case things go wrong. That is why it’s crucial that you choose an inventory company that is experienced, like Trust Inventory

Now that we understand what an inventory is and it’s purpose, we can look into the difference between an inventory and inventory with check in. 

An inventory on its own is usually carried out when a tenant isn’t moving in yet but they will soon, perhaps in the next few days. This could be for various reasons, such as there may be still some work to be done at the property required before the tenants move in or the tenants themselves chose to move in at a later date. Many times the letting agent or the landlord will carry out the check in for the new tenants.

Let’s have a look at a summary of what would typically happen if you booked an inventory, or an inventory with check in. 


  • The clerk will collect the keys either from the agency/landlord or any other person authorised.
  • The clerk will then attend the vacant property, carry out the inventory, make a note of the meter readings and test the smoke alarms.
  •  Once completed, the keys will be handed back to the agency/landlord/person authorised 

If this type of inventory is booked, the clerk will not meet any tenants nor will any keys be given to tenants. The agency/LL is required to then arrange with the tenant to carry out the check in. 

Inventory with check in:

  • The clerk will collect the keys either from the agency/landlord or any other person authorised. 
  • The clerk will then attend the vacant property, carry out the inventory, make a note of the meter readings, test the smoke alarms. 
  • Upon completion of the report, the clerk will then wait for the tenants to arrive, and then go through the Check In procedures: explain where the meters are, test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, hand over the keys and record their signature on the report. At Trust Inventory our clerks will also explain to the tenants that they have 7 days to check everything add in their comments to the report by typing in the dedicated section for Additional Comments.
Property Inventory with check in
Property Inventory with check in

The key difference and objective with this type of inventory is that the clerk is required to meet the tenants and record their signature so the agency and/or landlord isn’t required to chase them to sign the report. Also, it is the landlord’s legal responsibility to check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms on the day of the tenant’s moving in, so with us you tick all the boxes, we take care of it for you. 

Trust Inventory, Signed inventory report
Trust Inventory, Signed inventory report

There’s a lot to remember at check in, so without an experienced inventory clerk you are almost certain to overlook something important. Once the tenant is in the property it’s often too late – you don’t get a second chance, so it’s important to get everything right the first time, that’s why hiring an experienced inventory company to take care of it for you would be best for all parties involved. 

The inventory report itself must be comprehensive, unbiased and to a good professional standard, that is why it’s recommended to opt for an experienced independent inventory clerk. At Trust inventory we have experienced inventory clerks available to carry out your inventories when convenient for you and your tenant.  You can book an inventory here

OUR TIP – Our reports are straightforward and easy to ready, we recommend letting agents and landlords that are local and can afford to allocate time, to do the Check in themselves, signatures are easy to record online and there will be always an advantage for the landlord introducing the property and it’s facilities to the new tenants as they will know the ins and outs of the property.

Still not sure what to book? Have a look at the flowchart below and find your answer!

Inventory and Inventory with Check in
Comparing Inventory and Inventory with Check in
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